New Study Increases The Confidence With Mistletoe Treatment For Cancer

Mistletoe is a plant that has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. Mistletoe therapy is one of the most popular cancer supportive treatments in Europe. Dr. Reid has been using mistletoe in cancer care since 2006. He has ample experience and training in the use of mistletoe in various applications in cancer care. Mistletoe extract is chosen specifically for the patient depending on the cancer they are dealing with, treatments they are undergoing, and the health of the patient.

Mistletoe therapy acts on many levels: It can boost the immune system by multiplying and activating immune cells. Mistletoe therapy can also induce apoptosis (the process of natural cell death) in tumour cells which results in the inhibition of tumour growth.

Mistletoe cancer

A recent phase I clinical trial evaluated the safety and tolerability of intravenous mistletoe extract in patients with advanced solid tumours. Ref:

The study enrolled 24 patients with advanced solid tumors, and the mistletoe extract was administered intravenously once a week for three weeks, followed by a one-week break. The primary objective of the study was to determine the maximum tolerated dose and any adverse effects of the treatment.

The results of the study showed that mistletoe extract was well-tolerated, and no dose-limiting toxicities were observed. The most common adverse events were mild and included fatigue, fever, and nausea. These are pre-existing side effects and are common in cancer patients so they are likely related to the disease rather than the treatment itself.

One of the important findings of the study was the preliminary evidence of anti-tumour activity.

One patient had a partial improvement of symptoms and several others experienced non-progression (halting) of disease symptoms. While the study was not designed to assess the efficacy of mistletoe extract in cancer treatment, the initial evidence of anti-tumour activity is encouraging and warrants further investigation.

The safety and tolerability of mistletoe extract in cancer patients have been studied extensively in Europe, where mistletoe is commonly used as a complementary therapy for cancer treatment. The results of this phase I trial are consistent with previous studies, indicating that mistletoe extract is a safe and well-tolerated supportive treatment option for cancer patients.

At HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre – we offer IV mistletoe  (intravenous administration of mistletoe) and subcutaneous mistletoe. The mode of administration and action makes mistletoe a valuable therapy in adjunctive cancer care.

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Michael Reid

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