Environmental Medicine, Heavy Metals and Detoxification

Environmental medicine examines the relationship between you and the environment. There is ongoing evidence to show that our environment from the air we breathe, to our food supply, and our water can all play a role in our health. Whether it is heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, chemicals, pesticides and/or solvents we take the time to reduce your risk of your environment affecting your health. We optimize your body systems through various therapies and detoxification strategies.

Functional medicine doctor giving personal health plan to the client

Detoxification Program

Our detoxification program could include the following:

IV Therapy

Glutathione and other supporting nutrients that have been shown to be beneficial for detoxifying the body


Guidelines about which foods can improve the overall effectiveness of detoxifying


We have developed protocols that we have seen work and found the value in supportive supplements to aid in the body’s ability to properly detox


We use various testing methods to evaluate the toxin burden in the body and we can facilitate optimal health