Our Story

HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre was founded by husband and wife team, Dr. Michael Reid, ND and Dr. Somphorn Thammasouk, ND with the vision of providing a medical centre that was on the forefront of naturopathic and integrative medical care in Kitchener Waterloo. The centre has become a healthcare destination which aims to provide the best-in- class services and treatments possible.

Here at HealthSource IMC, the doctors utilize comprehensive diagnostics and offer a variety of services that can benefit many different health conditions. Our Naturopathic Doctors also have extensive knowledge on the use of conventional and prescription medication. As a result, they can help bridge the gap between conventional and naturopathic medicine and advise patients on the best therapy available for their specific condition.

Why Us?

Patients have the security in knowing they are working with practitioners that are conscientious, highly trained and knowledgeable who work hard to constantly stay at the leading edge of that knowledge in order to provide their best in patient care.

Going In-Depth

We specialize in comprehensive diagnostics and clinical interventions that can benefit many different health conditions.

Tackling Root Causes

We use a treat-the-cause-not-just-symptoms approach, individualizing patient treatment plans to ensure truly personal care.

All-Around Wellness

We provide more than just physical suppport with resources and treatment plans for mental and emotional issues as well.

Passionate Practitioners

We provide honesty and transparency as we help guide our patients in the choices they can make for their health care.

Our Approach

We are most satisfied when people find new hope and conviction for their health by engaging with our process.

Part of our approach includes examining the patient’s individual lifestyle aspects and how they affect the different systems that are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We examine nutrition, digestive function, detoxification function, energy metabolism, hormonal function, structural function, immune system function, and inflammation.

Our tools, experience, and methods all provide a strong foundation in attaining your health goals.

find new hope for health

Our Doctors

We pride ourselves in inspiring, teaching, and supporting our patients through their treatment, prevention, and wellness journey.