Personalized Nutrition Plans For Health Conditions

Your diet plays a role in weight loss, allergies, inflammation, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, hormone balancing, a healthy immune system and a host of other conditions. As such, your dietary recommendations need to be tailored specifically to your condition and to you. The doctors at HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre review your diet and make recommendations that will strengthen your body, suit your lifestyle and help treat and prevent disease.

Naturopathic Evaluation

Our doctors take in-depth look at your health and evaluate your nutrition, digestive function, detoxification function, energy metabolism, hormonal function, structural function, immune system function, and inflammation.

Targeted Supplementation

Based on our evaluation we could prescribe supplements specific for your condition and health concerns to get you back on track in attaining your health goals. Supplementation may consist of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbs that may be used alone as single agents or in combination.