What is Mistletoe Therapy?

Mistletoe therapy is one of the most popular cancer supportive treatments in Europe. Dr. Reid has been using mistletoe in cancer care since 2006. He has ample experience and training in the use of mistletoe in various applications in cancer care. Mistletoe extract is chosen specifically for the patient depending on the cancer they are dealing with, treatments they are undergoing and the vitality of the patient.

Mistletoe therapy acts on many levels: It can boost the immune system by multiplying and activating immune cells. Mistletoe therapy can also induce apoptosis (the process of natural cell death) in tumour cells which results in the inhibition of tumour growth.

At HealthSource Integrative Medical Centre – we offer mistletoe through subcutaneous injection and we also provide the therapy by IV route (intravenous administration of mistletoe). The mode of administration and action makes mistletoe a valuable therapy in adjunctive cancer care.

Possible Benefits

Improved Quality Of Life

(energy, less tumor pain, better appetite and weight)

Cytotoxic Effect to Cancer Cells

(cancer-killing effect)

Enhancing Immune System Function

Reducing Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation