Workup and Treatment Plan

After the work-up is completed we can put a treatment plan that is targeted specifically to each individual’s needs. The treatment plan may consist of supplementation, dietary intervention, exercise recommendation and possibly IV therapy. Each individual’s plan would be varied and specific for that person and their health goals. Those who will benefit from their program will reduce their risk of any cardiac disease but will also reduce their risk of other major illnesses such as dementia, stroke, arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. Patients frequently report physically feeling younger, stronger and happier.

Cardiac Health

Common Testing Examples

Our work-up evaluates inflammation, oxidative stress, body composition, exercise, diet, nutrition and your immune system. Common examples of testing we might include in our work-up:


Testing can include cholesterol, hs-CRP, fibrinogen, ferritin, copper, ascorbic acid, CoQ10, Magnesium, lipoproteins, homocysteine

Arterial Stiffness

Measures the stiffness of your arteries. The stiffer the arteries the higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Body Composition Analysis

To measure your fat percentage and total body water in relation to your lean body mass

Live Blood Cell Analysis

Can show visual picture of inflammation in a patients blood and oxidative stress