Dr. Alisha Bester, ND

Clinic Practitioner, BSc, ND

Alisha is deeply committed to evidence-based and integrative healthcare. Her journey began with a solid foundation in science when she attended Western University for her Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences. Alisha received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She has had rigorous training in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and lifestyle counseling. During her internship, she had the opportunity to work with many children and families in the Pediatric-focused unit. Since having children of her own, she has taken a special interest in fertility & pregnancy. She loves being able to help women conceive and enjoy healthy pregnancies. Her special interests are women’s health, fertility, fatigue, pediatrics and metabolic health.

Dr. Bester views your health journey as a collaborative effort. She is committed to actively listening to your concerns, understanding your health goals, and working together to develop a customized and achievable wellness plan. Through education and empowerment, she aims to inspire positive lifestyle changes that promote long-term vitality. Alisha loves staying active by doing yoga, rock climbing and hiking.

She is a current member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO), Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) and Ontario Association of Naturopaths (OAND)

Dr. Alisha Bester, ND